Wasteland Feles


Mmmmmm $TUNA
Feles have no use for the old currency and as such everything in the Feles universe revolves around $TUNA. If your Feles is a good scavenger then they can save up their $TUNA and exchange it for one of the finer things.

Fine Feles

Fine Feles will be a fine art printing marketplace. Feles holders will be able to exchange their saved up $TUNA to have a high quality canvas print of their Feles mailed to them (see Fine Feles).

Rebuilding Feles City

Feles are sick living in squander; it's time to start rebuilding. Once a Feles saves up enough $TUNA they will be able to buy a plot of land in Feles City and begin construction on their very own Feles Home. Feles Homes will have a high impact on the owners energy as well increase their Scavenging prowess.