Wasteland Feles


Great art is eternal, hype is finite.

Introducing the Wasteland Feles

First came the acid rain, initially most Feles blew it off as just bad weather. As time passed it was only getting worse, it reached a point where anything solvent that was exposed corroded down to nothing. At this point, it had polluted enough of the groundwater that the soil became contaminated beyond repair; this is when the real problems came. With the soil poisoned, the plants were the first to start dying off. Not long after, lacking nutrients any wildlife that had not already fallen victim to the rain were expunged.
World governments had planned for such an event by stockpiling huge amounts of canned Tuna. Unavoidably, gangs began forming with their main purpose being to take control of the Tuna supply. The theory was, whoever controls the Tuna, controls the Feles, as expected a war broke out between the gangs. Eradicating what little remained of society and leaving 4280 Feles limping through the wasteland scavenging for any Tuna they could get their paws on.
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